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Company News
Go against the Storm I am Here when Typhoon Comes發布時間:

  On September 16,“Mangosteen”the No.22 typhoon this year landed on the coast of Jiangmen City.Being the world’s king of wind in 2018,it pounced upon Guangdong with a fierce momentum,recorded with a maximum wind force of Level 14 at the time of landing(42 meters/second).It was the strongest typhoon that landed in China so far this year.Under the strong leadership of the municipal CPC committee and government,all leaders and people of Zhuhai made ceaseless preparations and tried their best to minimize the loss caused by the typhoon and achieved a victory in the fight against the disaster.
  The board of directors of Great Aim Group also paid equal attention to the disaster prevention and relief in the typhoon.On September 13,it released a Circular on Prevention of No.22 Typhoon“Mangosteen”,requiring each department,secondary company and project of the Group to pay close attention to the progress of the typhoon and make each preparation and take each preventive measure.
  The level of property service is tested by the natural disaster.All staff of the property office of Great Aim performed their duties in unity and embraced the difficulties and spared no effort in the fight against the typhoon.In the resistance to the typhoon,the property office enhanced the service quality and brand awareness of Great Aim once again.

  Fearless of the Typhoon
  In the face of the typhoon,the Group responded quickly by organizing orderly preparations to fight against the typhoon,only with an aim to fully protect and guarantee the safety of owners and workers.

  On September 12,property office staff of each residential project of Great Aim such as Lingfeng International,Longteng Bay,Nanwan International,Yuehai International and Xingke International Mansion posted a notice on prevention of the typhoon at eye-catching positions such as the lifts,lobby and bulletin boards to ask residents to take preventive measures.Meanwhile,the person in charge of each project released a warning of typhoon via calls,WeChat group of owners and WeChat group of housekeepers.

  48 hours before the attack of the typhoon,the emergency scheme was launched.Facilities like flood-preventing sand bags were in place.The security team of each residential project called on owners from door to door to ask them to close doors and windows and take safety and preventive measures.A unified duty system was developed for the staff of each service center.A 24-hour emergency team was organized to get ready for any emergency at any time.Each person in charge took the lead to guide at the site and guarantee the safety of residents and cars.

  48 hours before the attack of the typhoon,Longteng Bay residential quarter launches an emergency scheme,all flood preventing sand bags are in place

   48 hours before the attack of the typhoon,Longteng Bay residential quarter launches an emergency scheme,all flood preventing sand bags are in place

  When the typhoon landed,Li Huaguang,a co-worker of the maintenance department of Xingke International Mansion,hurries to the site and inspects the equipment and facilities upon receiving an order

  When the wind and rain was heaviest that day,glass windows of several residential quarters near Longteng Bay residential quarter were blown away.Some fell from the height.Trees of the residential quarter were blown over,which caused a great safety hazard to vehicles and people on the ground.At this time,property management staff cleared the roads of each residential quarter with hands in each moment when the rain stopped.Meanwhile,a large-scope orderly inspection was also organized regularly to remove the danger.Upon discovering any windows that had not been shut tightly,they would call the owners.If the owners could not reached,the security guards would walk upstairs to knock at their doors when the lifts could not be used.

Upon receiving the notice of preventing and fighting the super strong typhoon of this year“Mangosteen”,the property service center of Nanwan International carried out each resistance work in an orderly manner.

When the typhoon comes,the property management staff tried to persuade the owners to not park their cars on the roads and commercial streets to avoid any loss.

To prevent each area from being immersed in water,the leaders of the order maintaining team Wang Jieyuan and Wu Haibo carries the sand bags to the gate of each lobby and the drainage hole of the parking lot.

For a shortage of repair and maintenance staff,the doors and windows of the public areas were not reinforced.Upon receiving a call for help from the customer service department,Wang Jieyuan and Wu Haibo offered to inspect the doors and windows to be reinforced on each floor,which had reduced public loss.

In the typhoon,rain water flew backward into Building 7-1-9.Wang Jieyuan and Su Huan carried sandbags to the building to clear the danger at the first moment.

Affected by the typhoon,the windows of some households of Nanwan International could not be shut tightly.Upon receiving the notice of the customer service department,the staff of maintenance department Zhang Shaoxin,Zhang Wenbing and Chen Kanghui made a prompt decision and assigned staff to each building to solve the problem before the typhoon escalated.

Affected by typhoons in the previous year,many air-conditioner louvers in the residential quarter got loosened.The staff of maintenance department Chen Kanghui and Zhang Shaoxin removed the fallen louvers against the wind and rain to avoid loss.

The housekeepers from customer service department,Wu Ciyan,Xie Erhong and Yin Xiufen took duty at the first moment and divided the labor and cooperated to inspect the public areas of each building,close the doors and windows.Yin Xiufen at the front desk,upon receiving a call for help from the owners,arranged corresponding staff to solve it at the first moment and answered the online and offline inquiries from the owners,called and notified the owners upon receiving any notice from each department and owner to close doors and windows and assisted the solving of problems.

  Dealing with Danger with Speed and Sincerity

  A city represents love and responsibility.When the city was swept by the typhoon,the staff on duty of each project of Great Aim Group were holding fast to the front line of resistance to the wind and flood.They made thoughtful arrangements,clarified responsibilities,took immediate actions,fought the disaster day and night to fully manifest the responsible working style of the staff of Great Aim.

On the afternoon of September 16,2018,the sea water flew backward and caused a serious ponding at the gate of Yuehai International residential quarter.Chen Tingyong,manager,Tao Duanzhi,deputy manager and Guo Hui,assistant manager were busy in clearing at the site

On September 16,the balcony glass of the owner of 19-904 were damaged by the typhoon.Li Mengzong,the head of maintenance team and Zhang Jianbin,the maintenance worker,rushed to repair the glass for the owner against the storm

  Care about Owners in Actions

  In the natural disaster,property management staff of Great Aim were willing to go against the typhoon and spare no effort to protect the life and property safety of all owners,for which they had been praised by owners unanimously.“Navigate for people enjoying life.This is not a verbal trick,or a rigid regulation for work,but a true confession from the heart for our clients.We only wish that all owners can feel relieved and at ease at any time.”Xu Bin,the deputy general manager of Great Aim Property Consultant Co.,Ltd.said

    WeChat groups and Moments of owners are bustling with
  Recognition comments of owners for
  The resistance to the typhoon this time
  Some owners send silk banners
  All staff of Great Aim Group
  Were touched
  And felt their actions

  For 365 days in a year,whether summer or winter,or holidays,we bring warmth to all residents and“navigate for people enjoying life”.After the typhoon,all staff of property management stayed on their position and continued to fight the danger,resist to heavy winds and rainfalls,guarantee the smooth operation of each project and safety of owners.Meanwhile,we actively coordinated with the government to clear surrounding roads.

On September 17,Tao Duanzhi,deputy manager of Yuehai International Garden,led the order maintaining team to clear the fallen woods,while project manager Chen Tingyong was driving the vehicle

  Under the sky and above the city,our staff worked hard in the disaster.From community to public areas,our staff were busy rescuing and restoring production.On the morning of September 17,our staff organized a volunteer team to assist the municipal administration actively and bravely.They cleared the barriers on the trunk road Qiaoguang Road with hands.

On the morning of September 17,our staff organized a voluntary team to clear the barriers from Qiaoguang Road with hands


  Safeguard the Community

  Facing the increasingly frequent natural disasters in recent years,Great Aim Group has gradually improved the disaster prevention and rescue standard system led by planning.One year ago in the super typhoon“Hato”,water and power supplies were cut off at the main urban area of Zhuhai.Benefited from proper maintenance in daily time and the fast response of the staff,two diesel generators began to supply power to the residents.In the typhoon,the perfect path of electric cables guaranteed the power supply and truly escorted each resident enjoying life.
  According to the person in charge of Nanwan International,“The key for the residential quarter to withstand the super typhoon lies in the quality and safety design of the buildings.Each project of Great Aim Group is designed and constructed strictly in accordance with the earthquake and disaster resistance regulations,like the connected design between the first and second floors of the underground parking lot,the rational design of drainage channel and slope and the setting of water pumps.Facing the storm triggered by the rare super typhoon,no water logging has happened.This is rare.”

On September 16,the car of the owner of 1202 in Longteng Bay was pressed by a fallen branch.Luo Bin,a member of the order maintaining team,dragged the branch away from the car regardless of his own safety in the storm and later notified the owner to move the car to a safer place

  In the fight against the typhoon“Mangosteen”,Great Aim Group,as a famous real estate developer of Zhuhai,always started from the angle of owners in the disaster relief and repair and protected the interests of the owners.By summarizing an emergency mechanism of“prevention before the disaster,safeguarding in the disaster,rescuing after the disaster”and used both“hard and soft tactics”to improve performance.In the resistance to natural disasters one after another,the hard strength and emergency awareness of the real estate developer has been really tested.
  The principal of R&D center and the principal of project management center of the Group both said,“Though the construction sites of some projects were seriously damaged in the typhoon,we can collect some first-hand data which is high in referential value.We can keep optimizing each emergency support for the project in designing and planning based on the actual conditions of the areas where the projects are located and fully enhance the overall capacity of our various products to prevent and resist to natural disasters.”

  On September 15-17,the typhoon wrecked a havoc to the surrounding of Great Aim Group.Wu Anhua,a member of the maintenance department,upon receiving an order,immediately led his teammates to reach the site and inspect the equipment and facilities,including the water drainage of the underground discharge channels,the water leakage on the roof and the water seepage on the walls,and assisted in clearing the damaged facilities of stores nearby and fallen trees to guarantee the smoothness of roads around the building

  Stay True to Original Aspirations and Move on
  We pursue our dream and align our action with our promise all the way.After going through hardships,we remain true to our original aspirations.We fulfill our occupational ethics with our hands;we shoulder our promise and forge ahead;we convey the true love without any complaint.
  Not everyone will receive a great name.The heroic dream can also shine in an ordinary life.We will be as upright as a tree and as down-to-earth as vines.Our staff are working hard and sacrificing for years on their ordinary positions.They are respectable.Thanks to the strength that passes and extends life,Great Aim Group has strong cohesion and vitality.
  At the ebb and flow,they are the sound of life.Carrying their dream,they pass through lofty mountains and move on ceaselessly.Full of enthusiasm,they forge ahead stably with self-motivation.This is itself a landscape.