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Company News
Great Aim Signed Construction Agreement on Longteng Bay Project with China Construction Fourth Engineering Bureau發布時間:
 On the morning of August 15, the group signed a construction contract with the first company of China Construction Fourth Engineering Bureau in the conference room on the 14th floor of the headquarters of the group. President Yu Daoqun of the group and manager Li Xiaoyang of the first company respectively signed the construction contract of Longteng Bay project. The signing ceremony was simple but serious and friendly, fully reflecting the sincere and pragmatic cooperation between both sides.
 Longteng Bay project sits in Tangjia Town of Zhuhai which is near the mountains and the sea and is blessed with a picturesque scenery. The area is concentrated with colleges and universities and high-tech industries of Zhuhai. Phase I of the project was completed in 1999. The engineering construction this time will optimize and improve part of Phase I and newly build the Phase II project. In order to build Longteng Bay into a boutique property in Zhuhai, the group has selected China Construction Fourth Engineering Bureau which has a good reputation. It is also another subsidiary enterprise under China Construction to cooperate with Great Aim Group after Third Engineering Bureau. It is a large state-owned enterprise complete with advanced construction technologies, mechanical equipment and professional testing measures. The company has successively undertaken a large batch of influential projects such as industry, public utilities, international projects, scientific research, culture and education, environment protection, roads and civil architectures. It has won many awards and won Lu Ban Prize, the highest award for architectures in China for two times.
 The reconstruction of part of Phase I and newly built Phase II project of Longteng Bay cover a total construction area of 134,000 ㎡. To build a high-quality project, the company's manager Li Xiaoyang, indicated, the company has laid down a quality policy of "practicing standard management, applying advanced technologies, seeking first-class quality, offering warm and satisfactory service, fulfilling the ambition of owners". It will strictly manage construction in accordance with ISO9002 quality system and will complete the construction task excellently and safely within the schedule specified in the contract. The group also expressed that both sides will cooperate closely and jointly provide the market with healthy and safe quality residences.
President Yu Daoqun and manager Li Xiaoyang respectively sign on the construction contract
Representatives of both sides witness the signing
 The strong handshake stands for the start of sincere cooperation between both sides