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Company News
First Board Meeting of the Group in 2005發布時間:
 From March 23 to 24, 2005, the first board meeting of Great Aim Group was held at Jiangmen Huawei Chuangzhan Placement Co., Ltd. The meeting mainly discussed: the establishment of a management mechanism for Great Aim Group to guarantee the group's operation; confirming the yearly work targets of each unit; reasonably deploying the human resources and other important issues.
 The meeting planned the development targets of the group and confirmed the work targets of each secondary company and department in this year.
 At the meeting, Chairman Yang clarified the work mentality for the launching of new projects of the group this year such as Phase II of Longteng Bay, the project in Guilin and the project in Lufeng, and gave important instructions for major issues in the business management of the enterprise. All directors of the board fully discussed the proposals of this year and reached a consensus. The meeting was a success.
 2005 will be another year of hope and harvest for Great Aim Group.